rear seat reminder

Prevent Tragic Losses with the SAFE SEAT App

The audio and visual rear seat reminder system that alerts you to keep your kids safe!

Rear Seat Reminder

According to since 1990 more than 900 children have died in hot cars in the United States. Heatstroke kills 38 children every year on average in the U.S. There are many studies attempting to explain this traumatic and heartbreaking phenomenon, which leaves a lifelong scar and mark for those who have experienced such a painful tragedy. The fact is we are living in a fast-paced time where we are bombarded with many distractions and unexpected stresses. For parents of newborns, there is also the sudden adaptation of what is called “prospective memory” which involves the intent to try and remember to complete tasks out of your ordinary routine. This may lead to forgetting your child in a hot car. Today, there is a practical solution and answer to preventing the devastation of losing a child or pet due to unintentionally leaving one behind in a hot or freezing car. Introducing the SAFE SEAT app, an app that is designed to alert drivers to check the backseat when they park their cars.

Safety Reminder Device

For years the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has encouraged you to remember: Park.Look.Lock. The SAFE SEAT app is a practical and easy to use audio and visual rear seat alert system which further reminds you to check your backseat before you exit your vehicle. Rear seat reminder systems do exist in the market today but most require some external piece of hardware and are unaffordable for many.
rear seat reminder
rear seat reminder

The Bluetooth GPS Reminder for Your Car's Backseat

SAFE SEAT exists right at your fingertips via Bluetooth GPS locator. Once you parked a written notification and sound will alert you to check your backseat. For peace of mind, you can set interval alarms ranging from 1 to 5 minutes. All you need to do is sign up via email or a popular social media site such as Facebook, register your name and location and SAFE SEAT is there.

The Child Safety App by a Mom, for Moms

SAFE SEAT is the creation of aspiring children’s book author and mother of a toddler, Sadie Quinn. She states, “After becoming a first-time mom I began noticing article after article about babies being left in hot cars and dying. I could not imagine that happening to me and my child. After searching the marketplace for easy car rear seat reminders I could not find an app that could help me. I created Safe Seat to fill that need and bring peace of mind to those that use it.” Download SAFE SEAT today for a 60-day free trial period on IOS or Android. Safe Seat because the child’s life you save may be your own.
rear seat reminder

App Features

rear seat reminder
  • Audio & Visual Alert System

    The SAFE SEAT app provides a practical and easy-to-use audio and visual alert system to remind you to check your backseat before exiting your vehicle. The rear seat reminder app sends written notifications and sounds to prompt you to check the backseat of your car.

  • Interval Alarms

    The SAFE SEAT app offers peace of mind by allowing you to set interval alarms ranging from 1 to 5 minutes. This feature ensures that you do not forget to check your backseat and keeps you reminded even after you have parked and exited your car.

  • Easy Sign-Up

    The SAFE SEAT app is accessible to all and requires no external hardware. All you need to do is sign up via email or popular social media sites such as Facebook, register your name and location, and the app is ready for use.

  • Mom-made Solution

    The SAFE SEAT app is a rear seat alert solution created by a mom, for moms. Aspiring children's book author and mother of a toddler, Sadie Quinn, created the app after noticing the need for a solution to prevent the tragedy of losing a child or pet due to unintentionally leaving one behind in a hot or freezing car.



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You can download this app via Apple’s App Store for your iOS device and Google Play Store for your Android device. Simply click on the links at the top or bottom of the page to download.
Due to many factors such as network connectivity, charging phone battery, etc., sometimes notification alert may not reach the phones.
While app takes possible scenarios, sometimes, overlapping activities send incorrect signal to App and app may send an vehicle stopped alert even when the vehicle did not stop or there was no vehicular activity for a long period of time. These occurrences will be very few.
Apple and Android make the App inactive if you dont open the Safeseat app for a long period. Periodically and frequently open the app to increase the chance of App staying active.

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